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As a former player, the thing I like about the Axe is the way your hands fit when you grab it. It feels like your hands are more free to swing through the ball.” ~ John Kruk Pro Baseball Legend, 3-time All-Star, current baseball analyst for ESPN

Baden L119 (243 Profile) Pro Maple
Pro Maple Patented Axe handle Available in various shapes: 271, 243, 110 Available in various finishes: Natural, Walker, Black Approved for play at all levels of professional and amateur baseball Following professional league specifications, all Axe Pro Maple bats have a maximum 3 degree slope-of-grain rating. Straighter grain means less breaks and better pop. All Axe Pro Maple bats are manufactured in Wisconsin using the hardest maple grown in North America. The Axe handle aligns the wood grain on the hitting surface for optimal performance. Maple bats are aligned so the FACE-grain makes contact with the ball. Use the Axe to make sure you are getting the best possible performance out of your wood bat! Technology Axe Handle Introduced in 2012, the Axe handle is hailed as a breakthrough by players and coaches from youth leagues to the pros. Designed based on the shape of an ax handle, the patented Axe handle gives you an ergonomic fit that delivers better performance and comfort. Every part of the shape was analyzed and tested by our development team, resulting in an Axe handle that gives you the best fit, while providing better swing leverage, control, and freedom through release than the traditional round knob.
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 ProMaple325  Pro Maple 32.5inch  $114.95
 ProMaple33  Pro Maple 33inch  $114.95
 ProMaple34  Pro Maple 34inch  $114.95
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