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Baden L180 Premium Maple Composite

Baseball Excellence is proud to offer the Brand new Baden L180 Hard Maple Composite -3 BBCOR approved bat.

Maple Composite Adult BBCOR L130

Patented Axe Handle: the Axe handle sits flush against the bottom hand for a more natural fit that promotes more consistent swings.
  • Delivers more power and more solid contact to the hitter
  • Helps the hitter swing fluidly and on the correct swing plane
  • Decreases hand fatigue and reduces injury risk from traditional handles

Superior Craftsmanship
  • Premium maple laminate construction
  • Sounds and feels rock hard!

The Axe™ Premium Hard Maple Composite adult bat is approved for play in all adult leagues under the new BBCOR regulations.
  • Cupped end for great ballance
  • 90-Day Warranty
 SKU # 
 L1803229  Premium Maple Comp. BBCOR  $129.00
 L1803128  Premium Maple Comp. BBCOR  $129.00
 L1803330  Premium Maple Comp. BBCOR  $129.00
 L1803431  Premium Maple Comp. BBCOR  $129.00
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