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Hi Bob, Thanks for the weight training program, we will be using it during the winter, and continuing with the maintenance in the spring. Larry Berti Asst. Varsity Baseball Coach Seton Catholic H.S. Pittston, Pa.

Advanced Strength Training
Baseball is becoming a specialized sport in which weight training has become an essential element. Athletes are training younger for baseball and they are also playing the game year round. If you are not training in the weight room you are going to be left behind.

This email document contains a guideline and plan for strength training. We have put in a weight training log for you to print out and take to the gym. In addition to the off-season program Derek Lilliquist designed, there is an in-season plan as well. (This is the same plan Derek uses with his Cardinals minor league team.) He is not only the pitching coach but a Strength coach as well.

Because Baseball Excellence has such a large youth baseball customer base we have also included guidelines for strength and resistance training for the preadolescent athlete.

Not everyone will adhere to a regimen of this sort. The successful ones will.

If you are looking for an edge, order this strength planner. (21 pages- .PDF file. Will be emailed within 24 hours.)

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