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My son Will, hurt his arm on April 11, 2008. He was pitching for his high school jv team and after he threw a pitch I saw him go down to one knee and grab his right elbow. He looked over to the coach and said I heard it pop. A MRI revealed that he had partially torn the Tommy John ligament. His orthopedic doctor said “no” pitching and begin rehab in 2 months. His arm began the healing process. After 2 months, he began working with a Sports Rehab Specialist. The main objective was to better develop his core muscles, to correct any physical issues that affects his pitching,to improve strength,to improve flexibility, and to improve his throwing mechanics. To help with his mechanics, I bought a ThrowMax. During the rehab process, they video taped Will throwing a baseball with and without the ThrowMax. The difference was significant. Will has always had a issue with dropping his elbow (especially when he gets tired). The ThrowMax has helped him correct this issue. As a result, he throws with his whole arm now and doesn’t put so much pressure on his elbow. The work he has done to improve his strength, stability, flexibility, endurance, and mechanics have all contributed to an increase in velocity of 5 to 7 mph on his fastball. I have read people’s claim that after having Tommy John surgery on their elbows they can throw faster. Our Sports Rehab Specialist explained that since the first Tommy John surgery, the rehab techniques have improved to a point that it is an exact science. They have fine tuned the rehab to help the patient recover fully and more quickly. The part of the rehab that goes unnoticed is the work that is done to correct issues with strength, stability, flexibility, endurance, and mechanics. Simply put, if the athlete doesn’t fix the problem that caused the injury then the injury will reoccur after the surgery. The ThrowMax has been an effective tool for reinforcing proper throwing mechanics. He is technically a better pitcher now than he was before the injury. The doctor released him in December 2008, eight months after the injury. He has been working out since December with the pitchers and catchers for the high school baseball team. He is doing great and is pain free. He can throw without the ThrowMax using proper mechanics now. He throws all of his bullpens with the ThrowMax and probably will continue to use it to reinforce the proper mechanics. Thanks for your help!!! DAVID

Dear Sir, I just wanted to take the time to say THANK YOU. I have a nine year old son playing competitive baseball. When practices started this year my son, who last year was an all star at second base, could not throw the ball. For three weeks we worked on correct arm position. I went as far as having private lessons with the local baseball academy. No matter what we did when he brought his arm forward he was decelerating and dropping his elbow. At his last practice they assigned positions. For the first time in his young baseball life he was put into the outfield. Needless to say he was devastated ( I hate to admit it but so was I ) the coach told me he just couldn't trust his throws. Internet searches on throwing drills led me to your product. I was skeptical as there is always some great gadget that claims it will make you son or daughter the next Alex Rodriguez. I read you website information and decided that the theory behind the product made sense. I figured I had nothing to loose except for some money ( we had already spent over 250.00 in private lessons) I ordered your Throw max product. I spent almost as much as the cost of the throw max in overnight shipping, I could not wait to see if this was what we had been searching for. The day it came in we had indoor workouts at the baseball academy. My son was embarrassed wearing it even though It was under his shirt sleeve. While warming up with me one of the instructors teaching other kids stopped what he was doing and watched my son throw a couple of times and then made his class come over and watch my sons throwing motion. He stated to them to watch how over the top he brought his arm. My sons instructor heard this and came over and stated " I told you if we kept working at it you would get it" That is when I informed him of my purchase and showed him.( yes I did get an evil satisfaction in doing this) He said well there is no arguing with success. My son has only thrown about 50 throws with your product but seeing him smile and getting his confidence back was worth many times over what I paid for the product and for this I thank you. Sorry this was so long but I had to let you know that your product has kept the love of baseball alive in one young boy. Chris Taylor

Throw Max
Sizing Chart

4'6" or less X Small

4'8" to 5'2" Small

5'3" to 5'8" Medium

5'9" and up Large

The ThrowMax is designed to keep throwers and pitchers from using incorrect arm/body movements. It does not allow the elbow to bend beyond approximately 90 degrees. By doing this, players will automatically compensate by raising the elbow to shoulder height to throw the ball.

Players learn by seeing hearing and feeling. If they cannot have all of those factors working for them it's very difficult to understand what a coach is saying. It is even more difficult for them to develop muscle memory for that action.

The ThrowMAX is the world's only flexible arm brace made of extremely lightweight material that fits directly on a ballplayers arm. There are 2 Velcro straps to hold the brace on and 3 flexible polycarbonate bars that supply resistance which provides instant feedback as to the correct and incorrect motion of a player's throwing motion. The brace has a player immediately recognize if they try to shortcut an overhand throw.

  • Keeps arms at a proper 85-90-degree angle.
  • Provides Instant feedback
  • Creates muscle memory
  • Allows the appropriate rotation of the arm and shoulder The ball and socket are not hindered in any way, meaning the arm can still rotate back and forth in it's natural motion but not working from the inside-out. Combine this with the fact that the ThrowMAX will not allow the arm to drop greatly prevents the possibility of tearing the rotator cuff
  • Develops body coordination and throwing speed Because the elbow is not allowed to drop, players can no longer "arm" the ball. When players "arm," "push," or "sling" instead of throwing, the ball often develops a natural tail or an unintentional slider. This slider comes from throwing with the fingers ending up on the side of the ball because the wrist and arm feel uncomfortable due to the arm slot. The ThrowMAX alters the arm slot to the correct location, thereby allowing the fingers to stay on top of the ball and acquire the appropriate backspin for the true fastball for straighter, longer throws.

Wrapping around the back of the head (pitchers/outfielders), throwing behind the ear (catchers), and dropping the elbow below the shoulder (infielders), are all dangerous ways to throw meaning that injury is not far off. With the ThrowMax, as soon as players begin to drop their arm, they feel increasing pressure which tells the body to raise the arm up. Essentially the ThrowMax alters the previous incorrect comfort zones of the throwing arm in order to take the stress off of the ligaments, elbow, growth plates, and shoulder. It helps promote a fluid and relaxed motion.

Free with every ThrowMax- a Throwers Checklist published by Baseball Excellence. A quick-check for coaches to evaluate players from toes to finger tips. Large Wt: 150lbs and up Ht: 5" 9" and up.
Right-hand Players. If you want the left-hand model specify by typing LH in the Message box when you order.

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