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Joe Carter - Former Major Leaguer "The SwingAway® has a much better feel than the tee...the next best thing to live pitching...I can work any part of the strike zone without picking up balls."

Swingaway- The Secret to Hitting

The Patented SwingAway Titan Product Line is the very best Baseball/ Softball hitting training device ever developed. All units are incredibly durable, will last for years and provide benefits guaranteed to make the user a better hitter – period! That is why the Major League ball clubs are buying them to replace their older SwingAway models. Don’t settle for anything less.

Get a Titan. Become a Titan!

The SwingAway hitting system allows for repetitive batting swings on any pitch location providing instant swing execution feedback so success can be monitored with each swing. The is no need to pick up balls allowing 100% mental focus on training, amplifying the rate of improvement, resulting in the benefits outlined above. No assistance is required and is safe indoors or out. The freedom to hit is available when and where you want. 200 quality swings can be completed in 20-25 minutes.

When the SwingAway® was introduced to Professional Baseball in 1996, there was a tremendous BUZZZ… around the League. This machine was perfected with the guidance of Lou Piniella, Lee Elia and Jay Buhner all with the Seattle Mariners, as the Head Coach, the Head Hitting Coach and as an All Star Player respectively.

Today, more Pro Players use the SwingAway® than ever before. It is the Only established, recognized and accepted hitting training machine in the MLB. Today’s players grew up training on the SwingAway®. Many of today’s professional players started training on the SwingAway® in High School, College, the Minor Leagues and finally in to the Big Leagues. Pro Players now just expect a SwingAway® to be available for them to train and practice with at every stadium.

We receive numerous calls each month from former MLB Players; Many of them are Legends of the Game. However the most surprising is the calls former MLB Pitchers who want to purchase a SwingAway® System for their children. This re- enforces the fact that our SwingAway® really works to make players of all age’s better hitter’s thus better baseball and softball players. We as a company are extremely proud to continue to be successful in doing something Real Good for the Game of Baseball.

Titan Elite. This will be our most affordable unit. It is designed to stay at home, but does fold flat so it can be quickly put aside or taken to the field in the back of a truck. It weighs only 38 lbs. but is extremely durable. We personally set up two for the Seattle Mariners at Safeco Field for use for each team during games. They get used extensively and can take a pounding. This is a highly durable unit and clearly will be our #1 seller by far.

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 TE  Titan Elite  $329.00
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