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Model HD300 Model XT300 The Ultimate Hitting and Swing Training System designed to provide feedback on every swing stroke so you improve “Muscle Memory”on every swing. Choose any number of training drills from the Training Drills on Set the XTee 300 up to the desired drill and let it provide the feedback you need on every stroke. Your skills will transfer to game play faster than you thought possible. Made in the USA Built For: Easy setup and adjustment for any drill in vertical and horizontal positions. The XT300 19 inch TBar has 5 position holes and 3 Perflex Tee tops for perfect alignment for inside, middle and outside drill all at the same time. Prevent casting drill, Improve Bat Path, Improve Power and quickness to the ball. Drills for all these mechanics and more. v Durability: Lifetime Limited Warranty v Functionality 30+ Drill options v Portability Easy Carry Bag included 30+ Drill Options including: Inside, Outside, Middle Bat Path Stay Inside the Ball High Tee Two Ball Inside Out Swing Building Perfect Muscle Memory on Every Swing Good hitters and coaches understand the concept of training true muscle memory to build the perfect swing. Getting the hitter enough reps in the perfect position means real change and real results. The XT300 TRITON is the ultimate training system for building muscle memory because the XT300 TRITON is designed with instant feedback mechanisms for every drill. With 3 separate tee tops you can choose any number of swing slots or use the tee tops to guide the swing to the perfect position with almost unlimited drills. EACH XTEE 300 COMES WITH: Heavy Duty Solid XBase (HDPE and Steel construction) fold easily for covenience Lifetime Limited Warranty on base components 3 PerFlex* Tee Tops 5 hole positions across the T-Bar Tee easily adjusts both horizontally and vertically Adjusts from 25" to 40" ( can extend to 53? with High Tee extension post not included) Easy carry bag for travel or storage 26"X6" and just 8 lbs Accessories Available: Power Ball Tee Top, No Cast Bar, Stay Back Bar, High Tee Extension Post, Low Tee Kit

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 TTEEX  Triple Tee X Base  $139.00
 TTEE  Triple Tee HD  $139.00
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