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Hope you have a very prosporous New Year. My name is Philbert Llewellyn from the island of Curacao (The island of Andruw Jones). I'am a youth coach on the island and I coach little league baseball (age 9 to 16). I was present at the ABCA baseball convention in San Diego and bought the Head Game on a library the had in the convention hall. I read the hole book in two days. From the moment I was reading the book it began changing my way of thinking. It's a very good book and you should promote it more. For the opcoming season who will start the 31st of januari, I will start using this book with my players. I already start using it with my 9 year old son. What is written in the book is not only usefull for baseball but for your entire live style. One more time thanks for telling me of that book which give me the interest of buying it. Sincerely, Coach Phil from Curacao.

Head Games
Hundreds of athletes from youth leagues through the Major Leagues have used Herbison's book with great success. Using the simple mental techniques outlined in this book, many have not only turned their game around, but also their lives. This excellent book on the mental side of baseball is endorsed by Skip Bertman (LSU coach with 5 national championships) and Ron Polk (winningest coach in SEC history). Receive an Audio CD with the book when you order from Baseball Excellence.

In Hardcover!

With special binding to lie flat.

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