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Bob, I am a novice coach, and played baseball only for a few years in grade school (in the early 60's). I am now coaching my son's team and I really don't to teach them something that will hinder those that go on to higher levels. Your site with the forums, newsletters and videos have absolutely been a God send. I am now on the LL board here in Tulsa and am getting the other members to view some of your material. I hope we can purchase more and make it available to all the coaches. Thanks for all your good work on this. Ron VanCamp

New video by Baseball Excellence. PITCHING-POSITION ONE This video explores all the plays a pitcher must make to field his position and make them routinely:
  • When and where to back up bases
  • Fielding bunts
  • Pickoffs to First and Second base
  • Ground balls hit to the right side
  • Pitching strategies
  • An Overview of Mechanics
  • Common balks and more.
Bonus! The Baseball Excellence Stretching, Form Running and Throwing Program. 1 &1/2 hours. DVD

Customers who bought this DVD also bought Developing Pitchers

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