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Bob, Bill is doing great. At his summer baseball camp he topped out at 83 mph. Not bad for a 15 yr old, but the remarks about his mechanics were all positive even used him as an example to upperclassman. Knock on wood no arm soreness or problems thru 3 different teams so far, I credit proper throwing mechanics and after care. I know I have said this before but when other Dads ask where my son learned his mechanics I refer them to your tape and web site.

I truly believe that starting him off so young with proper form and repetition is why he is so far ahead of other pitchers his age.

Thanks so much for everything you do. I still meet coaches that need your insight and knowledge of the game and teaching skills. You are one of the main reasons I continue to listen, read, learn and expand my own knowledge of the game when ever I can. I attend coaching clinics on a regular basis and read everything I can get my hands on, but nothing brings such joy as coaching players and seeing them succeed. Thank you, Kevin Hezel.

Pitching Mechanics & Pre-Game Bullpen

Teaches the pitching delivery from the windup to the follow through: explains why sound mechanics are so important, shows how to recognize the elements of the delivery all good pitchers must have, identifies problem areas, and shows specific drills to correct them.


Our newest instructional video is designed to give coaches a Plan for developing their pitchers and giving them their best chance for success going into the game.

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 PMBP  Pitching Mechanics & Bullpen Videos  $24.95
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