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Sweet Bat!!! Great looking bat with lots of POP!!! The last M-10 bat we bought is 3years old and still going, just decided to retire it as a BP bat and use this one for the games. Excellent quality.

The MacDougall & Sons PowerWood™ is available in three models: the M-10, M-14 and the M-21 and the world's coolest Fungo bat. All are handcrafted and come with an industry leading 4 month breakage warranty and a one year manufacturing defect warranty . WHY IT’S THE BEST THE PERFECT BLEND OF TRADITION AND TECHNOLOGY PROVEN to have the best head to head performance at the Sports Science Lab. Check it out! NCAA approved as a "solid wood bat" -- BBCOR certified True Hickory handle for unparalleled stiffness, effectively transferring more power into the ball. Hardened Birch barrel for balance, hardness and more pop Lasts up to 10 times longer than regular all-wood bats** Center-of-Balance is over an inch closer to the hands for a more balanced feel Moment-of-Inertia and Swing Weight numbers on every bat Available in lengths from 31" to 34" in 1/2" increments for custom fit Made in USA -- Bend, Oregon
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 MacDPwrM1431  M14 31inch 28oz  $189.00
 MacDPwrM1433  M14 33 inch 30oz  $189.00
 MacDPwrM1434  M14 34 inch 31oz  $189.00
 MacDPwrM14325  M14 32.5 inch 29.5oz  $189.00
 MacDPwrM1432  M14 32inch 29oz  $189.00
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