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UpDate On Bill Hezel

Hi Bob,

   I know its been some time since We have talked, most likely 5 or 6 years. Way back in 1998 I purchased a pitching video of yours with because my son wanted to learn how to be a pitcher. The video had you and a young Little league age pitcher going thru all the mechanics. It was a tremendous help to me and my son, because he could relate to seeing someone his own age work on pitching. It also helped me to learn how to teach those same mechanics.
   We worked long and hard on his pitching skills. I sent you a pitcher I had taken of him as an 11yr old Little League pitcher from the first base side of the field. To my surprise you published in your monthly newsletter as a example of the high cocked position. We were so proud of that picture and your positive feedback.
   Well flash forward many years and after a good high school career and a division 1 scholarship to Lehigh university which didn’t go as planned he transferred East Stroudsburg university in PA and in 2009 with a 4-1 record (so Far)a school photographer took this picture. It reminded us of that newsletter picture right away. I have moved on to coaching at a local private high school and a summer legion team. I have been lucky enough to have sent many players onto play college ball. All from those simple beginnings and love of the game of baseball. Bill Hezel is a senior in his final season of college baseball and lives for day he pitches, in this game he threw 6 innings giving up one hit and 6 k’s, he is on an 11inning scoreless streak right now. Sorry to go on so long just wanted to let you know what your influence has led too. Kevin Hezel

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