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Terbo    -- 02-19-2003 @ 7:47 PM
  What are topics that you have used for skull sessions? I have my practices laid out pretty well, but end of the practice skull sessions are my difficulty. I am coaching a 9-10 year old L.L. team and struggled last practice with the discussion. I knew what I wanted to discuss but stumbled over it and players and coaches knew it. It was a little embarassing. How do you aproach it?

Best Regards,
Mike Grimm aka Terbo

allen    -- 02-21-2003 @ 6:49 PM

I have a "mini speech" prepared (outline only).  After going over an improvised skull session over the fundamentals that I noticed either improvement or needing improvement, then I pick one of the mini-speeches.  The ones I have below were for 7-8 year olds. Yours may look a lot different.  Be sure to ask a lot of questions.  Sometimes give them the wrong answer to get their reaction and improve their comprehension of the subject. (as you know, they are not naturally interested in such things as sportsmanship).

You can use an entirely different group of subjects, such as mechanics, or game strategy, etc.  but you will greatly improve once you have WRITTEN DOWN an outline, even if you don't pull it out and use it.

Session #1 – Introduction & Goals
1.     Introduce myself and other coaches.  Respect your coaches.
2.     I’m happy to be here.  Everyone here is to help you have more fun playing baseball.
3.     Goals.  It is important to have goals in order to help yourself get better.  You need to have your own goals.  They can be very simple: throw straighter, hit better, run faster…  But we will have three goals as a team.  1. Have fun.   2. Learn sportsmanship.   3. Learn baseball.

Session #2 – Priorities
1.     What are priorities ?
2.     Who is the person who helps you set your priorities ?
3.     Put these in order: baseball, video games, homework, clean your room.

Session #3 – Concentration
1.     What is concentration ?
2.     How can learning to concentrate help you in baseball ?
3.     Practice concentration to get better.

Session #4 – Why does coach correct you ?
1.     Is it because he doesn’t like you ?
2.     Who else corrects you ?  (parents, coaches)
3.     Answer: Because he wants you to get better.
4.     Then you can have more fun because you are a better player.

Session #5 – Controlling you emotions
1.     How do you feel when you come to practice ?
2.     Are you happy, tired, hot, thirsty, or maybe sad ?
3.     How should you feel if you are going to play your best ?
4.     If you are not happy to be here playing baseball, then you won’t play very well.

Session #6 – Do your best.  If you do….
1.     You will be happier and feel better about your effort.
2.     You will not have anything to feel sorry about.
3.     Your coach and your parents will still be happy with you.

Session #7 – Goal #1: HAVE FUN

Session #8 – Goal #2: LEARN SPORTSMANSHIP

Session #9 -  Goal #3: LEARN BASEBALL

THop    -- 02-21-2003 @ 7:54 PM

Great advice fom allen.

Off the top of my head, you can take a written plan, add notes during practice, and you will have plenty to review during your post practice meeting. I always take notes for this reason. You can review everything that you covered in practice and discuss all of the skills that you have covered year to date or will be covering soon. You can use this as a question and answer period (you ask most of the questions) on hitting, base running, defense and pitching. You can also use it as a time to review signs, bunt coverages, etc.


Terbo    -- 02-24-2003 @ 12:02 AM
  Allen and Thop thank you! Your answers are exactly the information that I was looking for.

Best Regards,
Mike Grimm aka Terbo

rstinson    -- 02-26-2003 @ 7:03 PM
  Good solid practice...Great job!!!Now if it not broken don't fix it!!!You don't have to impress anyone with your knowledge of the game...If anything, make a few mental notes and work on these in your next practice...These are 9/10 year olds(REMEMBER)... It sounds like you are headed in the right direction...We need more people like YOU...

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