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pburgener    -- 07-28-2004 @ 11:15 AM
  My 13 yo son (going into 8th grade) is working out with the high school football team to develop his skill at QB. The coach has seen him play basketball and baseball, and asked if he might be interested in a little football. He is preparing this week for a trip to a Babe Ruth regional in the evenings (LH pitcher and 1B), and working out as a quarterback in the mornings. One of the problems is that he throws a football like he is pitching and the coaches are trying to get his release a lot quicker. In addition, he is well trained to throw the ball low on a line, which does not work well for touch passes. He is having a great time with both, and seems to be throwing well with both styles. It is interesting to see the differences in throwing styles from one sport to another, but those fundamentals that he has learned in baseball are allowing him to adapt well on the gridiron. He looking forward to the football season  because the team uses spread offense with a ton of passing.

My question is, are there any concerns that the QB work will mess up his pitching, or do these kids have the ability to adapt better than us old folks?



bronxkid    -- 07-28-2004 @ 3:12 PM
  **** I was going to post something about warming up with a football as well. I like to have my son throw the football around before doing long toss. It loosens him up really well and is beneficial. Nolan Ryan was a big fan of this and so is Clemens. If those two do it and it has benefits, why not your kid???

BigMike    -- 07-28-2004 @ 8:58 PM
  I would worry more about him messing up his body than messing up his throwing motion. LOL. Our JV QB played on the baseball team (not a pitcher) and was after my son to go out for football. They talked about it all season, he felt David's size and speed would make him a good tailback. I was strongly against it. One football injury could end his baseball days. Of course the choice was his but I was so thankful when he decided to stick to baseball.

jimmiemac    -- 07-28-2004 @ 10:17 PM
  There are always questions about crossover sports.  However, enough players have been both a pitcher and a QB to suggest it is not a problem, at least in HS.

Same question arise about golf and baseball, whether it effects hitting.  I think most athletes are able to fully distinguish the differenct actions required in each sport and little cross-over effect remains.

"If you can't make the putts and can't get the man in from second on the bottom of the ninth, you're not going to win enough football games in this league, and that's the problem we had today."
Sam Rutigliano, Cleveland Browns coach

pburgener    -- 07-29-2004 @ 12:55 PM
  Thanks. He is on his way to the Babe Ruth regional this morning, and will be a QB next week. I am also concerned about injury, but he wants to play. Our rule is that the grades have to stay up if he wants to be in the sports. So far things have gone well. He is also in choir, basketball, academic quiz bowl, and wrestling. He seems to do best with his school work when he is busy and has to manage his schedule.

Wish us luck.


Tyrone    -- 08-10-2004 @ 7:41 AM
  pburgener ... I also have a Pitcher / Quarterback at home who started 8th grade yesterday. He is more serious about baseball, and wants to continue working on it during the offseason. Have you had any recommendations on whether or not he should do long toss during the football season? If so, what kind of schedule are you using?

I'd also like to compare notes on weight training. We bought the excellent email product from the BE site for baseball, but haven't found anything yet that specifically addresses the pitcher/QB combination, unless you count the "throwers 10" on the ASMI site.

THop    -- 08-10-2004 @ 8:59 AM
  Tyrone & pburgener:

I am a big believer in football as a way to enhance baseball ability (mentally and physically).

Many baseball pitchers are also football quarterbacks throughout high school (both of my sons played the quarterback and a defensive position).

I have found that mentally, the football break from baseball is a very healthy one. Kids need to get their mind off of baseball for a few months each year.

Football also makes kids tougher both mentally and physically and every professional baseball scout I have ever talked to recommended baseball players play football (other sports) until the age of 16.

As far as injuries go, they are going to happen in both sports if a kid plays all out like he should (both of mine had a lot more of them in baseball than football).

And mechanically, since the release of throwing the football is identical to the release of throwing a fastball, their arms should get stronger as the result of practicing football 5-6 days a week (negating the need to long toss during football season).

There will come a time when they will want to specialize but that time is not in middle school in my opinion.


goMO    -- 08-10-2004 @ 11:42 AM
  I wouldn't agree that mechanically throwing a football is the same as throwing a baseball.  Footballs are thrown more from the ear.  You don't want pitchers doing that.  I don't see any QBs pointing the ball at the SS, but much more cocked.  Having said that, I don't see a big problem doing both.

I could never play golf and baseball at the same time.  One would always suffer, but that's just me...

THop    -- 08-10-2004 @ 12:01 PM

I agree with you that “mechanically throwing a football is not the same as throwing a baseball.  Footballs are thrown more from the ear.  You don't want pitchers doing that.  I don't see any QBs pointing the ball at the SS, but much more cocked”.

My point was that the “release” was identical to that of a fastball.

Hope this clears it up.


GOLDYLOC    -- 08-10-2004 @ 1:20 PM
  The kid is pretty young that is alot of throwing....Be careful not to overuse his arm, I am sure you are ..but remember alot of coaches have alot of pressure on them to win at all costs..Good luck

have a good day then Goldyloc

goMO    -- 08-10-2004 @ 3:54 PM

Tyrone    -- 08-11-2004 @ 7:33 AM
  Goldy ... agree about protecting the arm at the age of 13-14, and I haven't seen a football coach of his counting pitches. Mine had an impingement problem with his shoulder April 03, and we have been rehabbing through May 04 when I finally turned him loose back to full throwing. So we will definitely err on the side of caution. This is why I am investigating whether or not to long toss during football (as a continuation of the rehab process.)

Thop ... agree about the physical skills learned in the other sports. His speed improved due to football agility drills. And I think whatever fear of getting hit with the baseball is long gone. His biggest fear now is lineman that don't block his blind side on passsing plays ;-)  Now THAT hurts!

eprovenzano    -- 08-11-2004 @ 10:36 AM
  During the preseason, I would always bring a football to practices.  I would use it when we may be working specific drills for the infielders, and the outfield and pitchers would not be "involved".  I would give them the football, and basically turn them loose.  Before long, they would be playing a game out of who can throw it the f*rthest, as just playing long toss can get stale.  Tossing around a football gives them a nice break, and still strengthens the arms.

pburgener    -- 08-11-2004 @ 5:46 PM
  We are going to use football season as a complete break from baseball. He will also wrestle and play basketball this year. We skip track to begin baseball workouts in mid March. He will get down to baseball, basketball and football by ninth grade (i think). Wrestling did wonders for quickness, core strength, and agility, but he prefers basketball. We do not play high school baseball here, so baseball is either Legion or Senior Babe Ruth as we get to high school age.

Thanks for all the comments on the pitcher vs quarterback questions. Our coach uses a west coast style spread offense with about 30 passes per game in the junior high. This will be a lot of work for the arm, and we will keep an eye on any signs of fatigue or injury.


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