Topic: Mental drills?

bah    -- 03-23-2005 @ 10:27 AM
  I know little about baseball - basically what I have learned through my son and his play over the past 7 yrs. But I am a mother and a teacher. I am wondering if someone has produced mental drills exercise tools. I would invision a laminated sheet of paper or board with the outline of a field and a book of scenarios like "man on 1st, man on 3rd, ball is hit between pitcher and short  - what is the right play?" There would be "field play" exercises and "at bat" exercises in such a tool. We use word problems to teach math. We see football teams sit at the chalkboard and discuss and plan plays. Where to do we get that same type of BRAIN work for baseball, which is such a complex thinking game?

spw1    -- 04-04-2005 @ 8:50 PM
  You might check out 'Where's the Play', which might be a more rudimentary than you want, but is a good beginner's product on a CD.

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