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Baseball Discussion Group / Ask The Umpire / IFF NL Wild Card ATL vs St Louis

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Posted By Discussion Topic: IFF NL Wild Card ATL vs St Louis

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10-05-2012 @ 8:06 PM                          
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Joined: Nov 2010
I was at work when a buddy called me and said there was a controversial moment in the 8th inning regarding an infield fly rule mechanic was sloppy or something like that (second hand information)

Umpire was Hollbrook.

Debris thrown on the field etc ... apparently ... there was discussion regarding reasonable effort between the Cardinals SS and Leftfielder.

15 minute +++ delay so far ...

Any insight would be appreciated.

10-05-2012 @ 10:43 PM                          
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Joined: Oct 2009
As soon as F6 is slowing down to set up under the ball, I have ordinary effort.  The fact that he decided to let F7 get it makes no difference.  He could have caught it with ordinary effort.  Regardless of age level, if I see a 10 year old setting up under the ball like this F6, I have ordinary effort and IFR invoked.

Don't settle for a "That's just the way it is answer". Question everything until you get an irrefutable or understandable answer.

10-05-2012 @ 10:52 PM                          
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Joined: Jul 2007
What kind of insight are you looking for?

Odd play, but it met every criteria for an infield fly.  The umpire didn't declare the infield fly until the infielder was set under it to catch it (which is what is considered ordinary effort).

In my opinion, he could have not called the IF also. The fact that the ball wasn't caught would have helped 'justify' that decision. It wouldn't necessarily mean that not calling it would have been correct. But when the Cardinals would be complaining about it not being called he could hang his hat on it.

I'm most disappointed by the so-called fans in Atlanta. Anyone that throws something from the stands is an idiot.  Roll the tape and identify the criminals.

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