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Baseball Discussion Group / Ask The Umpire / Appeal disallowed

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Posted By Discussion Topic: Appeal disallowed

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08-26-2014 @ 2:17 AM                          
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Joined: May 2004
13U  Runners on third and second, one out. Fly ball to center. Runner on 3rd tags and on the throw home the runner on 2nd fails to tag up and moves to third. After the play at the plate the ball is retrieved by the pitcher who receives instructions to go to the mound (ball was live at all times) and wait for the umpire to call for a pitch and then step off. He steps off to appeal to second and throws wildly to the shortstop who must leave the bag to make the catch. On the wild throw the runner breaks for third inducing the shortstop to throw home. He slides in safely. We go through the routine again of acquiring the pitcher's plate and stepping off and appealing at second. I disallowed the appeal since a play was made after the pitcher had acquired the rubber - analogous to the pitcher committing a balk I reasoned.

Should the appeal have been allowed?


08-26-2014 @ 6:04 AM                          
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Joined: Oct 2013
It depends on the rules.  Under FED, you allow the
appeal because the action of the offense initiated the
intervening play at the plate.

Under OBR, you do not allow the appeal because there
was an intervening play following "relaxed" action and
prior to the appeal.  Under OBR it makes no difference
who initiated the action that resulted in the
intervening play.

I wish coaches (and some umpires) would learn that if
the ball remains live, you don't have to give the ball
back to the pitcher, toe the pitcher's plate, step off
stuff.  All you have to do is make the appeal.  Also,
you can make the appeal by either tagging the base or
tagging the runner.  This all would have been avoided
if the defense threw the ball to third base and F5 had
tagged R2 and made the appeal that way.

Under FED, there's a dead ball verbal appeal.  All the
defense has to do is call time tell the umpire they're
appealing.  What could be easier?


08-29-2014 @ 2:06 AM                          
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Joined: May 2004
Thanks for the detailed explanations! Really appreciate it.

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