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Posted By Discussion Topic: Talented Players

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10-19-2006 @ 10:09 PM                          
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Joined: Mar 2006
They need to feel involved even when they fail. When they are good and they know it, they have high expectations for themselves. They love the feeling of getting a key hit or homerun, or striking out the side when a one run lead is on the line.
They need to learn the "team captain" aspect of playing. This means not only being the model player while on the field and succeeding, but also a model teammate when they don't reach their highest expectations. If they strikeout, and they can identify the pitch they struck out on, they can  relay their information to their teammates. "After I had two strikes, the pitcher through everything up and away." That sort of thing. Tell the kids that you need their help. They are the "on-field eyeballs". They can make the whole team better and help the coaches if they share the info. Let them know that. Just them being there and playing is the important part. Most of the time failure isn't really failure, because every at-bat and ever batter you pitch to is an experiment, and every experiment results in valuable information.

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