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Posted By Discussion Topic: New Science

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07-29-2005 @ 1:45 PM                          
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Joined: Jan 2002
New information is being learned everyday and it is proving that Head Games is a for real deal. I think most sports people new that.

What they are finding out is that a kids ability to cope with stressors such that are present in a athletic competition has alot to do with their up bringing.

Positive reinforcement is now a proven way to coach.
The science behind it all shows that how a child is raised and how strong the parental attachment is will actually help the child to cope with stressfull situations. Alot of times you see the child of an over bearing parent who will be overly emotional out on the ball field. At young ages children are very sensitive to pressures put upon them , if constant negative approachs are used you can permantly alter the childs stress response alot like a person who has PTSD. Although not as severe but the chemical alteration of the adrenal stress hormones and HPA axis are very similiar.

So its very important for the future emotional stability of young children, that postive approaches be used. That most dont realize how sensitive many very young children are and that not all children are alike.

Being in the Zone is about being cool calm and collected during times in a game when the most is at stake. If you make your child hyper sensitive to stressors such as in these situations then they will not be able to calm down and think clearly when needed.

Thats why its best to make situations of learning that are fun and that improved performance is gained from approaches that a player doesnt even know that they are being punished. Punished as in its not punishment for not doing the right thing but its practice to get better at what you are doing. Dont even let on like its punishment. For example, you forgot to do something so you go run me 20 laps for not doing the right thing but better to say ok lets work on that and lets do a drill for 15 minutes every night to see if we can get better. Its all in the perspective you put it in.

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