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Baseball Discussion Group / Head Games / New HS Player

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Posted By Discussion Topic: New HS Player

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01-11-2006 @ 12:46 PM                          
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Joined: Apr 2004
4thGen is starting his freshman season this week.  He has the resume, athleticism and skills to play with the upperclassmen however he has some mental reservations about facing varsity hitter and pitchers.  We've both read Head Games and will listen to the audio CD in car on the way to club tournaments.  

Is there anything in particular we can do to prepare him mentally for the challenge of competing with older players?  

04-13-2006 @ 9:10 AM                          
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Joined: Sep 2001
Remind him that he is playing against the game and not the
players. His success will depend on how often he hits the catcher's
glove, the number of first pitch strikes, how well he fields his position,
his mound demeanor and how well he pitches with runners on base.

He must learn to block out the things that he cannot control, especially
the hits he gives up. All pitchers do that. I think he has a great
opportunity. Have him look at it that way.

When I missed one of Stephen's games I asked him; did you hit the
glove, did you throw strike 1 after a hit, did you give up any walks? I
never asked him how many K's he got, how many hits or if he won the
game. I didn't want him to focus on those things.

Focusing on the things he can control is a formula for success.

Bob Byrd

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