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Baseball Discussion Group / BaseballTeams Support / Dutch BB/SB club needs support

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Posted By Discussion Topic: Dutch BB/SB club needs support

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02-25-2014 @ 2:55 PM                          
send p.m.
Joined: Feb 2014
I'm the general secretary of the Dutch Base- and Softball Club Birds, located in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands (Europe) between the cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Birds (in short) also train young streetkids (14-17 year) to become a baseballplayer in order to give them the opportunity to choose for the right path to go (becoming member of the sportclub). Ultimate goal is to reduce the number of crime in our area, like robberies, burglaries etc.

Well, since we do that, IKEA the Netherlands nominated Birds as a charity to win a clubhouse makeover, worth € 7500 ($ 10,000,=), For that, we need to have received the most votes of all 5 charities by fridaynight, Feb 28 by 11.59 pm.

Therefore, in many ways we have already collected many votes, but we really need more votes since we are now nr 2 and we hate losing from a scoutingclub.

Could you please be so kind to vote for us ? You may vote with any emailaddress you have at, choose the last item (BIRDS) and click on the red box with "stem hier" (means vote here).
Then please enter your emailaddress and click on "verstuur", what means "send". Once you have send your emailaddress IKEA will send you an email asking to confirm this. That's all.

You can do that with any emailaddress you have. You will help the club a lot!

It would be my pleasure to announce here sat*rday that your support have made us winning this makeover. In any way, thanks. Ton

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